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About KJ Halliday Jnr

KJ is a writer and artist currently living in Australia. He has completed a number of creative projects involving poetry, storytelling, photography across a number of digital mediums.


He also touches on the subject of mental illness in this work (and others) and as someone with bipolar affective disorder also knows the stigma that it entails. Despite this, he has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of New England, has taught English in South Korea, completed a range of creative projects as well as running his own creative design agency.

A note from the author

First of all thank you for visiting my project I Wear White. It is deeply personal and I will of course be sharing in ways that I feel comfortable with. To be honest, some things I will be writing about have taken me almost two decades to come to terms with, so I will not be rushing things.

That isn’t to say that this series is all doom and gloom. It isn’t. I will also be sharing some of my experiences in my faith and my personal life. This includes a discussion of my “prophetic works” that helped warn of a potential disaster prior to covid-19. 

This isn’t a claim to any particular type of religious “truth” nor is it a claim of any type of special abilities. This is part of my story and it matters not a bit to me whether I am believed or not. I got over that after sharing travel warnings for Australians (and others) since 2018 and into 2019 prior to covid-19

This series is merely giving you more details about what, as a person, I have gone through in both my faith and my life. Some details may be disturbing, and perhaps even triggering to those who have, or have loved ones who suffer from a mental illness.

Writing is one of the few gifts that I have. Prophecy perhaps another (I am undecided on that) but I will try and live and use the few gifts I have been given.

Please enjoy my writing and creative works.

Kind Regards,

KJ Halliday Jnr