Thank you to my host Earthly Family The Hallidays

Official Statement of gratitude from Crown Prince Michael. “Junior”

My apologies for not being able to talk about My Service, nor my Real Name. Crown Prince Michael. Please, accept this music from the Kingdom of Heaven as a thank you and an explanation of sorts. No, none of it ever ends, for service to Me, My Heavenly Father will ensure you may choose any New Life you desire. The entire Kingdom of Heaven owes you all a debt of gratitude, so please, ask and receive. Personal messages to my direct earthly family unit below (be assured I selected you all before I came back to Earth):

To Fiona Jane Halliday – that is always an open offer to come and work with us, the Kingdom of Heaven. You will find the conditions, rewards and workload much more amicable.

To My Earthly Father, Kevin Halliday – thank you for teaching me patience and humility. Don’t let anything bother you or cause you distress any longer. It was only because you were all brave enough to host Me in your home. I am sorry I could never talk about my own service, but perhaps as a fellow soldier, you can now understand. From My Brother James (from another lifetime) to you.

To My Earthly Mother Vera Halliday, please, I am always OK. It is touching that you worried for me so much, but it’s OK now. I am sorry for all your suffering, that was because of Me, My enemies cannot touch me, so they go after those I love, that’s why I keep you all at arms length. I hope you all understand now. Please, smile and be happy. 

And, for all of you for calling the police on me! Love you all. This is my Little Heavenly Sister Ella. Also one of my Students.

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