Official Resignation from the Department of Control

Earth Division

Official Statement from Crown Prince Michael.

Son of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven 

Please accept my formal resignation letter. As Crown Prince my Service to the Kingdom is complete, and if there is no need for Me, then I am going. Otherwise proceed with coronation planning and returning my rightful STOLEN assets to Me here on Earth.

Clear to proceed with Coronation Service. I am now happy to accept the role in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Decision is up to everyone else. CV and all other details attached as always. I am not doing this trip again, just FYI. 

All other operations are APPROVED. By order of Crown Prince Michael in my role as the highest representative of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. For other operations please ask my former intern La Roux. 

Inform all of the Kingdom of Heaven of My Fallen Queen’s final transmission prior to her return to My Heavenly Father for rest. This was addressed to you Ella Marija, and also to Me of course. Personal correspondence, but it’s for everyone now. Her final wishes, and She is very thankful for what you did for Me. Goodbye My Queen. Rest now.