Release FBI Agent Jennifer Loren Willis from My Service

Thank you My Former Queen, together we always shone too brightly

Official Statement of intent from Crown Prince Michael.

Son of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven

Please return Her Majesty to Her Royal Household

Inform them I have anointed Her, prepared her and fed her the Hidden Manna of our Ancient House 

All Kingdom of Heaven Royalty now secured aboard My Flagship as promised. I assume everything else is in order and in place. Send my love and kind regards as always. Apologies, we needed to keep you all safe, some of you are worth a few good glaxies.

So you Humans don’t bring your younglings into Battle with you? How do they learn of sacrifice, honour and courage? Strange humans.

Thank you all, please follow the directions you currently have on you or around you. Do not rush, do not panic.