Open Letter to the Nations of Human Kind

Official Statement from the Son of the King and Queen of Heaven

In My role here on Earth, I have been able to oversee this entire “disclosure” project in relation to your origins and purpose as a species. The Planet Earth itself, while temporal, and not eternal (as is the astral plane from which we come and go) My Heavenly Father and Mother (My King and Queen) and Myself, Crown Prince Michael (although I have other names and titles) see this nursery planet as an important development in this particular creation.

We have sought to have all nations, individuals and tribes of human kind (I apologise if I say “mankind” I do keep up with current trends, and understand your desire to balance the genders) to present in a spirit of truth what their culture represents and what it brings to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We warn some of you from proceeding with your desire to harness certain ‘magic’ and other sciences we find archaic and dangerous. If any of you wish to proceed with your studies, we suggest consulting with Me first, I can be contacted anywhere on Earth 24/7, if you use your eyes and ears as they were intended (this is the final seal – the great seal):

United States of America

 While we do not see the United States of America as a threat (since it is of our own design) we do not accept this kind of threat and do not lower ourselves to converse with ones who have no Royal Title on Earth or in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is demeaning enough that I, as a Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven should have to even address this idiocy. While this clown is amusing to some of us, we are done with the violent nature of the USA and its people. I have marked out and selected particular survivors that I would like shipped out of that country. We do not accept division nor challenges to our Authority on Earth and throughout all of creation (which belongs to My Heavenly Father and My Heavenly Mother).

The People’s Republic of China

While there are some minor corrections and changes I would like to see from the PRC, again being involved as a designer in this nation I am happy with its progress. Wherever you see stars, you can usually be sure I am involved somehow. Please do not let the gossip and lies from the United States of America paint me as anything but the Prince of Peace – if you now peruse my files and final report for the Kingdom of Heaven, you will see I have done everything in my power to avoid confrontation. I hope that this offering of a dove is not taken as a sign of weakness on My part, that would be a mistake. I merely hope to continue our long term relationship (Love from “Chairman M”) 


Now despite a great deal of My time growing up here as an ordinary citizen among you has been informative for my Royal Duties, I have also been shocked at how poorly you treat each other here. I myself have been treated like a dog by business, government and authorities. This is the source of a great deal of my anger. However, as Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven I must rise above such petty squabbles. I would, however, rule in favour with and side with the original caretakers of this land, My Temple on My Heavenly Father’s Footstool and Temple – the Earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven recognises no government or authority of invaders (primarily the Anglo incursion the land and the later testing of atomic devices at Maralinga, which is an unheard of desecration!) I will be replacing the current systems but keeping many useful parts. Let’s refer to it as “ASTRAL” from this point forward for simplicity. 

North and South Korea

Since I spent time living in South Korea, it is always in the forefront of My mind when authoring these new agreements with My Kingdom and those of you Humans. There is no simple way to move forward until the Americans are removed from the equation. However, in a sign of goodwill, I hope you understand the better future we are offering for your children (some of them I taught myself) and a reopening of the Old Roads. There are, of course, repercussions for ignoring my overtures of cooperation and peace. I am more than happy to unite North and South by force (1 the K). That’s an order. not a request

I am a firm believer in beginnings and ends, so please do not consider it a sleight if I have not mentioned your nation. It is not an oversight, it is dealing with the reality I am faced with. That includes ANOTHER message to Israel, to mirror their own rebellious one. That I, Crown Prince Michael, am not their toy. Yes, I do listen and keep up to date with many human things. I’m not a robot (despite the rumours). Be careful with your Words before My Throne.

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