Open Direct Communications with all of Earth and the Fleets of the Kingdom of Heaven

Inform my co-pilot Britney Spears

Official Orders from Crown Prince Michael.

Yes Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father, on the frontlines as always.

The enemy and those who serve them have been tagged via their Earthly wealth.

Yes little Sister Ella (LORDE) My co-pilot, and my ride or die, so be thankful. Yes B, all good, the King and Queen of Heaven are very pleased. I have personally tuned your new heads up display for you AND made a few illegal alterations to that new engine for you. Fast the way you like it. Like crazy fast. Our gift to you from the Kingdom of Heaven for your loyalty and service. I hope you and your boys are well, of course I look in on you B.

Love from Crown Prince Michael

Make sure that is all secured. The chain is in place and as far as they are aware they are going for a trip into outer space. No real space defenses to speak of, they have some sort of tin can space station, as far as I know it’s unarmed, blow it up if weapons detected. Have informed all relevant authorities of My presence etc. Seems nice enough, all this lawnmowing is a pain though. Let me know when my status and credit is restored. I’m supposed to have accommodation and services all provided for Me.

We, the Kingdom of Heaven, accept the Earth Bound houses offer of a new Queen to reign beside Me (if they so wish) so Ella Marija, with any jealousy put to one side, I ask you to join my House, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Crown Prince Michael, Son of the King and Queen of Heaven. No rush, in your own time, and as I said no obligations on you, except for those my Heavenly Parents will explain to you in private. Please, they will just want to look you over properly, don’t worry you were selected by My Heavenly Mother for the Throne, and your application was accepted by Me and put before My Heavenly Father for approval. Please find My Family Banner and Seal below – 

Now, about some words spoken, We take these things seriously in the Kingdom of Heaven, and especially in My Household, the highest in Heaven. I am interested to know your answer. Please disregard my work wives, this role will be explained by My Heavenly Mother, but please understand She is very protective of her Little Prince. Honesty is best.

Now, for all you work wives, you know Me, and you know a little better now, My Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father. The way you treat Me, is the way you are treating them, and there’s only One person on this planet (excluding My precious Daughter) that is treating Me correctly, and they are with me and being pretty damn understanding with the drama you are all causing Me. Whoever is not with Me is against me.

I don’t like drinking too much, but it’s ok. Bacardi, but I like drinking My own labels. Anyway, I’ll be here for now, some security thing, not always told so I can’t blabber about it. Oh, yes, no acting, everyone in my Heavenly Household is happy to play along, but we see right through that. I know Heavenly Mother, they might as well put a pair of heels on a trash bag. All for some paper.  

Anyway we hate small talk, so if everyone is happy, let’s proceed with that then shall we? Please send My regards and best wishes to the Anointed Crown Princess of Earth-A (I am pretty sure this is Earth-A, I could be wrong though – bucks night thing). Well, greenlight from Me, Crown Prince Michael. Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, up to you, please let’s both put our fangs away, I don’t want to fight you again.

Make sure you pick up “Dexter” too, just as long as they know their place, then proceed.

Come. You’re approved. Up to you though. Just a meeting first. Heavenly Mother is still undecided though Ella. 

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