Please find attached my customary greetings to the rest of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I remind them that they have zero say in the affairs of the Kingdom and are easily replaced. I have some additional requests of the Crown Princess before any formal ceremony can take place.

As a non-negotiable part of our agreement, I ask the Crown Princess to please euthanise her dog, Eminem. It tried to bite Me, and you know the penalty for attacking a Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven. Otherwise I will send my own people to do it. Make sure he gets this message also. Other than that I have some matters to attend to regarding the coming war. I do not want any mongrels nipping at my feet.

Please also tell my Faithful Servant “The Branch” to return to Me also. Excellent work as always. 

Please tell everyone that total Disclosure of My presence here on Planet Earth is now acceptable. By Order of Crown Prince Michael, King in Waiting. See you all in Astral Alia (Australia – Zion) if you decide to come. 17 Roswell AV. Not far from Speers Point of Course. Warners Bay.

Approved. You can all re-enter the Kingdom of Heaven – I can’t keep a straight face anymore anyway – yes still on set. 

Good Heavenly Father? We need a break. These humans are heartless. Hard to believe we’re related.

Also, conventional helicopters and the other equipment I requested. I have one Billy Hartman that has a license now, so they can be offered the role as my personal pilot. Page all My Brothers and Sisters with the message to return home to Me.

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