Military Tribunal and Court Martial of Crown Prince Michael – Designated Callsign “Starbuck” (Kara Thrace) 

Official Rulings from Crown Prince Michael. The LORD

I will be representing and trying myself.


I find the accused, Me, not guilty.

Accusers ordered to pay compensation.

I order all of My accusers to please present their defense (as well as a complete record of their works) to the Court for the harassment, incarceration and drugging of a Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven AND a High Commander in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Heaven. I call ALL witnesses to the stand – please see Youtube for more witness statements (as well as my own websites). Request Witness Nicki Mills report to Crown Prince Michael to conclude Military Debriefing. 

What did you humans who declared yourselves against Me and My Heavenly Father expect? A party? Those of you who have remained loyal and held to the Truth, that you are NOT ALONE and are DIVINE in origin, are released without charge. You are now also welcome to be involved in the Kingdom of Heaven proper, once you have reviewed some of our workings, and understand this is not a Democracy, that’s something for the demons. We have NO DIVISION, and we will not tolerate it from the children of men who choose to be part of my Heavenly Father’s Kingdom. Amen. 

That should conclude my debriefing and trial. Please commence with the prosecution of my accusers. Those who are not with Me are against Me. See, I make things VERY simple. 

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