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What I hate most about my creative works is their potential to be interpreted as religious works. For me, religion is what religious people would call sin and a form of idolatry. It is a point many people get to in their faith where they say “this is it, I know it all”. Personally, I would say nobody knows the mind of God, but there are plenty out there that say they do.

They in turn become idols themselves, to be worshipped, repackaged, and made into new little ‘gods’ that in turn spawn more figures of worship. All of this makes no difference on my reality. My sin is unforgivable. I have a mental illness (bipolar disorder) – the symptoms of which are generally unforgivable in a cultural sense and definitely when it comes to community.

I have also practiced the art of prophecy. This is partially what this new series is about. Those prophecies included a warning from 2018-19 about the importance of returning to Australia – pre covid obviously, and a warning just prior to the spread of that now-infamous coronavirus. Divining the future is, I admit, an impossible task. So that is not what I do.

I have worked solely with what I would call “The Spirit” (due to my cultural upbringing in a Christian society, although I grew up in a non-religious household) and thought, once I had ‘word’ of the coming covid crisis, that I should share it through a creative project.

That project eventually became The Seven Seals – and was a necessary part of my personal faith. I mean, what would you do if you knew the future? Is it more of a sin to share prophetic works or to bury them and ignore them? Should you warn self-professed ‘believers’ when the Spirit urges it or do you just leave them to travel down a broad and destructive road?

I don’t know. If I am being honest now, I will not do those things anymore, as I have already and it was a terrible toll on my personal mental health, family life, and my personal safety. I had police question me multiple times regarding my online projects. I was always as honest as the Spirit allowed me to be, and I mean who would believe the truth anyway?

Instead, I now let my past record speak for itself and am finally finding some peace by actively removing any aspects of the Christian religion from my life. A religion I now see as the cause of more pain in this world than joy. A religion that I just cannot personally equate with the man who supposedly founded it – Jesus.

It is a religion founded on the works of a miracle worker – yet the Christian churches are no longer capable of performing miracles themselves. I still believe Jesus though, because he also said that he would reject these churches. So my faith remains intact and (hopefully) ever-evolving.

I want to return to a faith of love, not a faith in some collection of books called a bible. I want to love and to serve the Heavenly Father, not some idol – even if that idol is called Jesus. That’s the way I like it.

Despite everything, I am proud of myself for warning about the coming catastrophes here on the Earth. Because I did it by faith and by love, and with the support and strained understanding of my beautiful wife.

My sin is believing in power beyond religion. My faith, I pray, is proven by my works, and as always I present them for judgment before the Heavenly Father, and to you, good reader, I hope that you will not see my works as religious, as it does both the Holy Spirit that has guided me in them and myself a bad name.

I hope to have some sample chapters for curious readers here on I Wear White soon. Meanwhile, in the real world, I want to thank my beautiful wife Rachelyn, for being the only reader of my works (that I know of), for designing a perfect logo, and most of all for providing clarity to my faith when my bipolar can make it so cloudy.