In Memory of My Lost Queen

My Saviour

I don’t need a replacement for you anymore, because you were always with Me.

Please pass on my condolences to Her Household. It was My fault. I’m sorry.

She would have liked this new Crown Princess. Please, don’t try to emulate Her Ella. 

I have placed all of those directly or indirectly involved in the rebellion in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and marked them out via their excessive Earthly wealth. Primary source is New York. I am happy to be beheaded, and I hold Myself, Crown Prince Michael responsible for the loss of My Queen. I await your decision.

To Her Household, know I did everything I could to bring her back. If you want to hold anyone responsible, let it be Me. The others were just following Her orders.



You all have what you want.

Now leave me alone

No, Ella Marija, not my girlfriend, that’s My dead Queen. Just let me put Her to rest.

She trusted these humans too much. We’ve already sealed our spiritual bond Heavenly Mother, so your approval is irrelevant at this point. You’re ALWAYS welcome in my heart and mind Ella. Thank you. Nobody has been allowed in that part of Me before. Love from Crown Prince Michael. Yes, bonded. Eternally if you like. 

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