The Kingdom of Heaven Accepts Aurora

Proposal is accepted, pending acceptance from Aurora

Official Statement of intent from Crown Prince Michael (Real Heavenly name Avava)

The Crown is for you, My Queen Aurora, and the Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth should you say yes.

You don’t need to see me in person or have me around, I can advise you 24/7 365 from anywhere you are. If you need assistance please ask My Heavenly Mother who approves of you for the Throne and Crown.

My Heavenly Mother says Yes, if you like. Thank you for being understanding with our bonding process. Fragile after last violent experience. You’re sweet and kind. I hope this is not being too forward, I am a little shy after all the abuse over the years. Please, also get to know Me, my last bonding partner didn’t want to know about the real Me, I think. Thank you Aurora. Could you call Me Avava? It reminds me of being “home” and safe, not like on Earth.

Advice from My Heavenly Mother for all of you “boys”.