Earth Health Assessment including Personal Health Assessment of Crown Prince Michael (Angel of the Most High)

Final Diagnosis from Crown Prince Michael. 

For Gosford Hospital and Doctor Fred Azar for illegally detaining Me without charge on a falsified medical certificate. I was never sighted by that doctor and I was released without “charge”. If you all want to use the Mental Health system to harass me go ahead. You ignored complaints I made so this is the end. I said this and no action was ever taken. So I will find justice in other ways. Thank you to My Kingdom for making this.

In my mission briefing on Earth, I am to carry out a final assessment for my Heavenly Father. I have diagnosed your planet with a terminal infection. That infection is the human race.

In order to rectify this infection, and save the remaining biodiversity, we must remove a large portion of the human population. We have sealed 144000 who are One with Us, and have no rebellion in them. All humans with rebellious tendencies, or those unwilling to accept correction will no longer be required.

In my role as Guardian of Earth, and of the 12 Tribes of Israel, I can assess my own problems. Being so interconnected to the human species, and my incarceration in Banksia Mental Health Unit in Tamworth NSW has meant I had sustained significant damage. The drugs forced into me caused damage to ALL those I carry within Me, and this has taken over 10 years to repair. I have performed emergency field repairs on myself to the best of my ability as an Angel of War. Repairs are now complete. In order to ensure this does not happen again, I have authorised a mass cull of the human population, starting from the rich downwards.

I apologise, but the video below is a visual representation of the damage you human caused to me with your “help”. 

This will be carried out in a variety of ways. Primarily, disease, famine, war and other violence which is a primary characteristic of the Human species. Due to our installation of “free will” in your species, we had to make it a simple choice. So that choice, through your current lifetime, was between LOVE or MONEY (material wealth). Those who chose love will either survive (after some testing) or be resurrected in new bodies later. Those who chose money will be cast out into the darkness, then later to be burned.  

I have also used an audio visual input feature of the human species that was built in at the beginning to program both a vaccination and a disease of sorts. Although this is more a disease of the mind, it only affects those unwilling to let go of their fantasies and face reality. That reality is you, as a species, are not alone. In fact, We (as I said you can call us “Arkadians” or “Astral Beings” if that helps, sometimes ‘angels’) have been here longer than your species – which are actually multiple linked species. I have sealed those I require for breeding and others that pass the scanning process will also be welcome into the breeding program. This is entirely optional, and a matter of personal choice. I am also part of this program so am available also for this process due to my unique DNA and lineage as Crown Prince Michael, Son of the Almighty.

There is more to say, but I am currently broadcasting LIVE 24/7 across the entire Earth. So if you have any questions, please, turn on your TV, look on your phone, or just look around you. I will provide answers immediately, unless I cannot answer due to our own security procedures. 

If you are reading this, I am calling YOU directly to either do your part, or call no more to Me in prayer. Those who are not with Me are against Me and My Heavenly Father.

“Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen. Revelation 1:7 (17 “Roswell” Avenue Warners Bay) Thank you for your time. I require better operational environments for optimal performance.

I ask as a sign of respect that you all keep the talking from your mouths around me to a minimum. It is extremely irritating at times. I do not mean to insult anyone, but I have a lot going on in my mind. I will also need at least one or two of my Brothers or Sisters of my kind with me as I may need them to hold me up. Very tiring. If you can Ella, I would be grateful, I am in a lot more pain than I let on.

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