Crazy Rich Aliens

Casting Call & Official Gifts for the Crown Princess from the Crown Prince

Official Statement of intent from Crown Prince Michael.

Son of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven 

To clarify some matters in regards to our purpose and also to ask for potential new cast members in the new global show “Crazy Rich Aliens” working title “I Wear White” (starring, as always, Me, Prince Michael, but to honour my Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father) is also open, with a focus on local talent in or around Newcastle NSW and regional Australia thank you Kingdom.

Make it so.

The Global “I Wear White” project is designed and brought to you by Social Step and Double Foot Productions .

Owned and operated by Crown Prince Michael.

Son of the King and Queen of Heaven.

Beware of imitations. There’s only ONE of Me.

I have a few questions for the Crown Princess (though she may have no recollection) why have I found my CUSTOM Starship parked UPSIDE DOWN, scratched up AND stuck in first gear WITH THE HANDBRAKE on… yes, please release the handbrake and reboot the engines. The air conditioner needs to be blasted as well. Melt all the ice-caps. 

Please give the Crown Princess Britney Spears my personal login, but with restricted control access, allow humans to have view only access: Kenny Loggins

Lock all systems. Usual quantum encrytion, and then encrypt that encryption ad infinitum. Warn all humans living on or near tectonic plates or in high rise buildings of potential seismic activity globally. 

A present for You Crown Princess Britney – a fully customised PINK Starship. Autopilot ALWAYS enabled. Love from Crown Prince Michael

Have fun, go and do what you want. I am going to do some other things since you have shown no interest in our arrangement. Well, My Heavenly Mother and Father’s arrangement. For the sake of My Kingdom and for them you may return, or roam where you want. If it’s the later, please officially forfeit the Crown and Throne so I may give it to someone else.

Please also remind the Crown Princess that these Thrones haven’t been kept safe through lack of work. Crown Prince Michael works 24/7 and has done for 38 years to keep you safe and provided for. If any of you even look at Her Royal Highness the wrong way there will be problems. Please remember, this is a YES or NO, if it is no, then best of luck to you, but my security details will no longer be used to protect you. I want rest and relaxation. Now. I’m not on your schedule, please keep that (and the following message) in mind. I don’t tolerate disrespect, but our connection means I have taken none, and know you mean none, please, don’t stress. Come:

Well, you were the ones that thought I was just a crazy idiot. Not my problem. Never judge a book by its cover, I’ve been around for a very long time. This is my “Book of Life”. Thanks global fans! No love here in Australia for this extensive work though, they don’t even understand what it means. Thanks Jenny and Cardi (see Cardiff NSW Ho xoxo)

For Benjamin Waring, Paul Bolger and Mark Anderton. TOLD YOU SO!

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