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I Wear White is being rebooted

It has taken me a few months to come to the decision that I am finally ready to reboot I Wear White into the online novel and story series that I originally intended. Since I have tried to have both a manic planning and research stage when I first started the site...

The Third Science Fiction Short Story

Hey everyone, just thought I would post a short update on the progress of the third story in the #iwearwhite Science Fiction series. If you have read the first two stories then you will have met a couple of the characters already. In the third story, the series...

#iwearwhite – Reprogrammed is still continuing with the next chapters of this series being edited at the moment. If you haven’t started reading the first parts of the story then please check them out via the menu above. I hope you enjoy this new and...

Thanks for sharing my new science fiction series

The series is now coming up to its third story so I wanted to post a thank you to everyone that has read and shared the stories so far. There has been some great as well as helpful feedback and it’s wonderful to be able to develop this series organically online...

Who was she to judge?

She switched off the T.V and ran through her plan again in her mind. She found it helpful to practice multiple scenarios in her head before carrying out a job. However, this plan was quite straightforward. It worked well knowing the two victims’ taste – which...

The Tall Man (as Adrian thought of him) seemed more like a representative of rival interests rather than a backer of the project. Instead of the usual openness he could have with less strange encounters (of others who indeed had no names) he was given a set of speaking notes complete with what to leave out of the interviews. ~ Read part two of the #iwearwhite scifi series now!

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The Tall Man

Long ago the Creator pierced the veil of our own bubble and time and space exploded out. We watched and waited as the Universe expanded, flowed and fell back onto itself, expanded more and swirled through the plains of time and existence.

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Before Existence

First Short Story Online Now

Just a quick post to let you all know I have tentatively started the new #iwearwhite Reprogrammed online short story series with “View from Afar”. All of the short stories are an attempt at drafting my new novel online with all of you to read before...

The New SciFi Adventure – #iwearwhite Reprogrammed

Welcome back to #iwearwhite where the new SciFi series will begin to be published for the very first time! Very soon I will be producing a series of short stories that will be available to read for free. This new series has been thoroughly researched and will appeal...

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