#iwearwhite – Reprogrammed is still continuing with the next chapters of this series being edited at the moment. If you haven’t started reading the first parts of the story then please check them out via the menu above. I hope you enjoy this new and original science fiction series!

Thanks for sharing my new science fiction series

The series is now coming up to its third story so I wanted to post a thank you to everyone that has read and shared the stories so far. There has been some great as well as helpful feedback and it’s wonderful to be able to develop this series organically online the same way that I did the ground work for it.

So far in the stories you can meet three of the main characters – all from very different parts of the universe! I know a few of you have wanted a bit more detail but the story itself is only just beginning so trust me – there will be plenty of more detail about the worlds of #iwearwhite Reprogrammed.

The third story takes a turn off the beaten track away from some of the drama and intrigue that is covered in the first two stories. I can say that it is titled “Not from Around Here” and will be taking place (like the second story) here on Terra (or Earth if you prefer). I really want this site and the stories to be accessible to all of you as they WILL be published later as an entire novel post editing.

I also want to take the time to say PLEASE share on your social media and other outlets even if you are not into scifi because I know that at least one of your friends or followers will be. Thanks again and enjoy the first two stories via the top menu for free!

KJ Halliday

Author of #iwearwhite Reprogrammed

First Short Story Online Now

Just a quick post to let you all know I have tentatively started the new #iwearwhite Reprogrammed online short story series with “View from Afar”. All of the short stories are an attempt at drafting my new novel online with all of you to read before compiling it into a new novel (and hopefully even a series).

The scope of the novel is quite broad at this development stage so I really wanted to get down to some short stories to give myself some solid ground to work from. In the first story I have introduced two pivotal characters that will link in the broader scope of this science fiction novel. I hope you enjoy it and please remember this is free to read on here and the whole novel is (as published on here) in development, so excuse any minor errors or other oversights on my part :)

Read “View from Afar” in the #iwearwhite series

The New SciFi Adventure – #iwearwhite Reprogrammed

Welcome back to #iwearwhite where the new SciFi series will begin to be published for the very first time! Very soon I will be producing a series of short stories that will be available to read for free. This new series has been thoroughly researched and will appeal to both the diehard science fiction fan as well as the newcomer to the genre.

The series has already begun in its own small way thanks to two conceptual art projects one called “#iwearwhite” and the other called “Final Outbreak”. While the sites have now “evaporated” so to speak, they were the brainstorming part of the new series.

My name is KJ Halliday and I am the author of this new series that will try to provide immediate access to new short stories in the build up to the book being delivered. I want to create a nice little community on this site now that the initial research stages of the novel are done and really create something accessible. Plus, I would just love to have all of my amazing Twitter followers and other online readers have access to my fiction works.

I am currently working on one of the short stories and have another that is partially finished which will fit in nicely to this series. The short stories will of course be closely related to the final novel that I hope to acheive through this new website.

I thank you all in advance for all your support and please follow me on Twitter to keep up with new developments @kjwrite.